Beautiful (2018)

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The new double album from Alan Dublon & The Secret is out on October 26th 2018

Initially released on CD and then digitally, this album is the culmination of nearly 40 years of songwriting and performing, and includes performances from some fabulous musicians. Encompassing Rock Soul Pop and Country this album has appeal across a wide spectrum whilst keeping true to the old traditions of strong songwriting and great performances.

The drums are played by Mr Phil Page who is one fabulous drummer!

There is some great guitar work from Norbert Schek, Tim Hain, Piers Hogg and Matt Wedgewood as well as Alan Dublon and some fabulous sax from Paul Nichols.

There are the mandolin talents of Mandolin Jack and the secret keyboard skills of Jez Larder.

Some lovely bass from Kevin Jones although I was having too much fun playing bass myself to let him on too many tracks!

Additional and awesome lead vocals came from Jodi Johnson-Dublon, Bee Dublon and Dani Blue.

Fabulous backing vocals from the “Ah” Team:

Steve Hutchinson, Elaine Samuels and Surya Cooper

Arrangements by Alan Dublon, Steve Hutchinson and Jez Larder.

Sounds engineering and Production by the incomparable Jez Larder at Skyline Studios.

I am so grateful to everyone who gave of their talent and their time.

Thank you.


Be The Change

An anthem about changing ourselves before it’s too late…

A song to myself and everyone around to try to fix ourselves and our world.

The title was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi



A song to try to evoke the feeling of summers from my childhood whilst dreaming of the chance of finding new love…


Turn Back the Clock

Heartbreak can be all about sad soft songs or in this case, a rock ‘n roll anthem to give you the chance to howl your feelings at the moon! Spectacular lead guitar from Norbert Schek.


The Night Emmylou Sang

A tribute to Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons, and the memory of following her band around the UK in 75… Additional lead vocals by Jodi Johnson-Dublon.


The Beat of Life

Another let’s fix the world song. Well come on, let’s fix it. Why not start by listening to the beat of life inside you?


Till Your Tears Have Gone

A love song from the past.



Inspired by the struggles of two people close to me who were dealing with mental illness and PTSD, but somehow applies to us all.



So I couldn’t sleep one night and instead of whingeing, I wrote a song about it. Sleep well.


The oldest song on the album, written when I was 19 – about meditation and the power of love.


The Truth

Well in these terrible times, the Truth is what we need. A song about my love for my children and for all of our families. Additional lead vocals by Bee Dublon.


Love is the Secret

30 years in the making and written with the help and inspiration of Sandi Grant, this is our theme song. A love song to you, to me, to all of us and to the universe…



Homelessness is an aberration that should not exist in even our current messed up society. And combined with refugee tragedies and social disintegration, it is the end product of our lack of care for each other. We have to end this heartless and unnecessary situation.

Additional lead vocals by Bee Dublon.


Fork in the Road

A song about some big changes in my life. Additional lead vocals from Dani Blue.

Check her site here:


Country Girl

A story song about that magical girl in the country…

It’s all about love.


The Girl With the Rain in her Eyes

An old love song with an evangelical chorus!


Break My Fall

A love song to the universe. Thanks for all the fish!


How to Love

Another romantic story song; getting out of town and starting again. Sounds good huh? Additional lead vocals from Dani Blue.


Last Night I Thought I Saw an Angel

Written when I was but 19 years old, this is both a dream and an experience.

Can you see the soul in me?


I’m So Proud

Written for my eldest daughter and my new son-in-law’s wedding, this is my song of love for both of them.


Change Everything

A very important song for me – we need to change everything and get back to feeling the One Love. You know it’s true.


Be With You

A love song to end them all and finish the album.

I feel like me again.


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